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When you are hunting for a condo in the city or anywhere else, you need to create a list of those things you wish your potential home to have. One among the many vital things is the kind of facilities & amenities. Even if you find a home that has all you need but there are no amenities & facilities, please don’t assume or accept to settle there. You might later regret your move, but it will be too late to reverse what you will have done. Amenities play a critical role that cannot be substituted by anything else. You’ve probably have come across or heard this before, but you might not take it seriously if you have not bought a home in the past. Here are reasons why facilities & amenities matter more than you think:

•    They make your home environment lively and full of fun

•    They make a condo feel more like a retreat and refreshing home

•    They fulfill all your needs and those of your family

Would you live in a place that does not provide you with all these? Well, indeed, no one would waste their time and resources to invest in such an area. Living means experiencing the best that nature and the environment you are living have for you. A living environment cannot be complete without the vital amenities. Therefore, you need to give importance to this requirement anytime you are out there hunting for a home. You can content with other features but when it comes to this, getting the best means getting an opportunity to live the life you want.

Maui Oasis has all the facilities and amenities that make living enjoyable. This being a condo in the city of Manila, you are sure to get the best facilities & amenities that will make your stay in this new condo fantastic. What makes everything great is the fact that this is a growing city meaning that things will even get better than they are at the moment. If you have kids, the get the assurance that they will have the best environment to play with their peers. Whether they love indoor or outdoor activities, Maui Oasis has all they need. You, of course, want to know what’s available for you on this property. Well, here are the facilities and amenities available:

•    Gazebos

•    Swimming pool

•    Clubhouse

•    Entertainment rooms

•    Kid’s play areas

•    Basketball court

•    Landscaped gardens

•    Jogging path

•    Grill pit

•    And many others

Simply put, this is a modern condo that strives to meet your lifestyle needs. All these facilities and amenities will help you save the money you would have otherwise spent going out there to look for them. You won’t be asked by your kids to take them out there for fun or play activities. Everything they need for their leisure or during holidays is readily available for them. We could go on and on with what you will have at your disposal once you own home in Maui Oasis. The best way to learn and experience the joy of having great facilities and amenities is to live here. Just move into this place, and you will have access to everything you need.

  • Clubhouse with entertainment rooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Children's play areas
  • Gazebos
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